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Customers hit roadblock trying sue car dealer

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Customers with Braselton Used Auto Sales in Jackson County were hoping to take the owner to small claims court.

Now they're are learning they'll have to travel more than three hours one way to do so.

David Pirkle is one of those customers.

"It's been one big nightmare after another," Pirkle said.

Pirkle is at his wits end when it comes to the 2007 Chevrolet Aveo he bought from the dealership located on Highway 53 in Jackson County back in June.

"The car still vibrating bad, wont idle good," Pirkle said.

Pirkle said he bought an extended warranty, but the dealership wont make the necessary repairs. So he decided to go to small claims court in nearby Jackson County only to learn he didn't have a case there.

"The judge went as far to tell me if anybody filed up there, the case would be dismissed. And it would be kicked out," Pirkle said.

That's because the dealership is registered nearly 200 miles south, in Dooley County. It's a trip Pirkle can't afford to take.

CBS Atlanta News talked to the owner Richard Wilder, by phone.

"I've done nothing wrong. The attorney for the business is located in Dooley County," Wilder said.

Pirkle and another customer told CBS Atlanta News they believe the dealers created distance to make it harder for customers to sue him.

Wilder said he will do an on-camera interview on Wednesday to explain all of the claims against him.

Last week Wilder was arrested for theft by deception and racketeering in connect with a tax return business he also runs out of the Highway 53 location.

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