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Controversy over Cobb County’s school calendar

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Controversy over Cobb County's school calendar is back.

The school board is trying to come to an agreement on when the 2013 school year should start and end, as well as how many breaks there should be in between, but it hasn't been easy.

Just like the controversy in years past the board and community are split on the subject and not just between two options, it's more like three or four.

A special calendar committee was created to look over all the options but the members couldn't all agree on one option so they went with the plan that most people could at least tolerate.

The plan calls for a later start to the school year to preserve the summer.

"We've come too close on our construction projects. We really need that extra week to get all our construction projects done," said Superintendent Michael Hinojosa.

But others like board member David Banks want a version like the old balanced schedule. He said the extra breaks are greatly needed.

"The purpose is to give teachers a rest, give students a rest and let them come back and be re-energized and ready to go again," said Banks.

It's something some parents see firsthand.

Deborah Davis Carroll showed up at the meeting to voice her opinion.

"My kids are tired. On a balanced calendar they slept more, they weren't sick as often, they did better in school. This is a huge issue for parents."

Which is why she thinks parents should get some kind of say in it.

"We really have the best day to day knowledge of how our kids are tolerating the schedule. As parents we have a few other priorities besides school," said Carroll.

But the superintendent said that's just not possible.

"That's not an answer. We can't poll the entire community. At some point this is a representative democracy. We'll make our recommendations and board will vote it up or down. If they vote it down we'll have to come up with a different one because we have to have a calendar for next year," said Hinojosa.

The special calendar committee will take what it learned from Wednesday's discussions and come back with a final recommendation in two weeks.

Then it will be up to the board to decide.

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