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Fake delivery slips blanket Grant Park, alerting homeowners

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One metro Atlanta neighborhood was plastered with nearly 100 stickers claiming homeowners missed an important package, but in reality, the message is a cleverly disguised advertisement.

Neighbors worry strangers could be trying to fool people into divulging personal information.

"At first glance it's very passable as a legitimate packing slip," said Everette Steele. "It's brown and yellow, it looks like UPS colors. It's got a very legitimate looking bar code on here, and it's even got the final attempt box marked off on here, which is the icing on the cake."

Neighbors say someone lurking through the Grant Park neighborhood plastered doors with the message which says "call us to receive your package" - but in reality, there isn't any package.

"Very insidious scam," said Steele. "It's obviously preying on people who don't think to look it up and call and give personal information."

The Grant Park Neighborhood Association said nearly 100 of their neighbors got one of the stickers - and they soon blasted the information across their Facebook page right along with a surveillance image of one of the suspected flier distributors.

"It's so insidious, and it's so deceitful that, even if it's legitimate product and that's the means by which you're slinging your product, that's terrible," exclaimed Steele.

"And then the second one was on the mailbox," said Robin Cailloux.

Cailloux actually spoke with one of the sticker distributors earlier this week - she worries someone might end up getting scammed by the sticker.

"I think it's strange," said Cailloux. "Anybody coming around trying to see if you have a security system or not, I find that a little sketchy."

Police say this sticker really could be a legitimate form of advertising, but if they can't tell you what they're trying to sell on the front of it, it might not be worth sharing your personal information.

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