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Fulton County hopes new changes fix past elections problems

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Fulton County is trying to bounce back this election season after a disaster during the last presidential election and most recently this summer's primary.

Heading the polls, Fulton voters have been a little nervous this year, and with good reason.

Harriett Fields got caught in the long lines in 2008.

"Last time we were in lines around the building," said Fields.

Donald Baker remembers a lot of people getting sent to the wrong precinct.

"It was a little bit rougher four years ago when we voted. Some people went to wrong polling place because districts had changed on us," said Baker. 

It's something the county admitted was unacceptable so it made some drastic changes, including hiring a special elections consultant. One of the first challenges was tackling the wrong precinct fiasco.

Sharon Mitchell is the Interim Director of Elections for Fulton County. 

"We have had a number of county officials who have worked with our geographic information system, work with us on cleaning those files up and we have not experienced any of those types of issues through the early voting process and we don't anticipate seeing any of that experience on Election Day," said Mitchell.

Then there were the long lines. Mitchell said they hope to solve that problem with a beef up in man power.

"It is our intent that what you will see in 2012 for Fulton County is a county that is ready and unified, a county that is working together as unit so the voting experience for voters will be a positive experience," said Mitchell.

But is it actually working?

Voters we spoke with said so far so good.

"The process was much improved over last election. They seem to have a good working plan," said Fields.

Baker added, "Way better. Congrats to whomever did the work to make this a smoother process."

Election officials aren't celebrating too much though. They know the big challenge will be on Election Day, which is why they're continuing to encourage people to vote now to lighten the load on the big day.

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