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Are Atlanta hospitals ready for disaster?

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Most people probably never think about a hospital losing power, but there's a lot more people thinking about it now.

When a New York City hospital was left in the dark because its generators didn't work we wanted to know what if something like that happened here.

With the important things going on in a hospital, Grady Memorial Hospital administrators said they're always thinking about their disaster plan.

Dr. Leon Haley with Grady Memorial said they test and check things on a monthly basis, particularly their multiple generators.

"We have them scattered throughout the hospital in different locations so you may take out one generator in a disaster, but not all. We test those on a regular basis," said Haley.

But the equipment isn't the only thing that gets tested. The staff gets it too through live disaster drills that change periodically and Haley said it's not just a walk through with each other.

"We practice with real patients at times. We get actors to come in and try to simulate everything possible that could happen," Haley said.

Outside of Grady Memorial, the nearby hospital should be just as prepared because Grady is the Regional Coordinating Hospital, meaning they're in charge of 40 other facilities so they all go through the same tests and checks.

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