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Former intern calls Fulton County Animal Services unsanitary

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CBS Atlanta News began investigating claims of animal mistreatment and bad management at Fulton County Animal Services after a tip about poor conditions.

"The wiring is exposed, the ceiling is falling apart," former intern Robby Caban said.

Caban took photographs of what she calls unacceptable conditions inside the facility. 

She said she interned at the shelter for several months and documented everything.

She put together a YouTube video illustrating her concerns.

She took photographs of animals living in cages with feces and urine for several hours, as well as dirty food and water and in some cases no water at all.

"We would see animals throw up and because people weren't walking through the kennel monitoring them, other animals would eat the throw up," Caban said.

Caban also took a photograph of what she said was a worker sleeping on the job, and it wasn't the only employee she said she had issues with.

"It's just so unnecessary which is why it's so frustrating," Caban said. "There was an employee who adopted a snake, an employee from Fulton County, and then we saw him selling it on Craigslist."

CBS Atlanta News took the claims to Fulton County Animal Services in search of some answers.

"Are you guys looking into this?" CBS Atlanta reporter Adam Murphy asked.  

"We are certainly taking a look into the complaint you referenced as we do with all complaints, we've launched an internal inquiry to determine the validity of the complaints and what if any steps the county needs to take," Fulton County Animal Services Spokesperson Tony Phillips said.

Phillips said the facility processes more than 10,000 animals a year and their goal is to run a clean, safe, efficient animal shelter that treats all animals humanely.

"I want to make clear that there are some employees that are actually good, but they're not the majority," Caban said. 

Caban met with the District Attorney's Office to report her findings on Friday.

Meanwhile, Phillips said many of Caban's claims have already been resolved.

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