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Tough Questions about who’s policing an animal hoarder

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Two years after police raided a Canton woman's home, Cherokee County Marshals assure they have made sure an admitted animal hoarder has no pets, but CBS Atlanta has Tough Questions.

In September 2010, authorities found two dozen dead animals at the home of Sharian Cahill.  They also found nearly 130 cats and dogs on the property, some barely alive.

Cahill was sentenced to 10 years probation and community service early this year.  She was also ordered not to take in any more animals.

"We are policing," said Deputy Marshal Fran Gates.  "She waived her Fourth Amendment right so we can go to her residence at any time and search to be sure there are no animals there, period."

However, Gates said the last time marshals visited Cahill's home she was not home.  Gates admitted authorities are not allowed to enter the property and they have no way to say with conviction that she has not violated the court's order.

"That is a concern," said Gates.

Neighbors said that they saw no evidence that Cahill's property has been cleaned up and they wonder if there is still contamination at the site.

Environmental officials that oversee Cherokee County could not say if the property is environmentally safe.  They were researching the issue as of late Monday.

"I cannot say that it's safe," said Gates.

The director of the Cherokee County Animal Shelter would not comment on whether she thought Cahill's punishment was stiff enough.

"I'm not really sure," said Susan Garcia.  "I think definitely she should be constrained to not owning animals for a long period of time."

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