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'Vampire Diaries' filming irks some residents

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The popular television show The Vampire Diaries has been filming in Covington for the past four seasons. But some residents and business owners are sick of the constant filming.

Barbershop owner Ricky Burroughs said his business is cut in half when the show is filming in the Covington town square. He said parking spots are nearly impossible to find, making it difficult for clientele to get to him.

"They drive all the way down here, 12 miles - there's nowhere to park," Burroughs said. "I mean, how many more times are they going to drive down here. They're going to find somebody else to be their barber."

He said that the production company, Bonanza Productions, which runs the filming has offered to compensate businesses, but it does not make up for what he loses. A call to Bonanza Productions was not returned.

But some like Deborah Haynes say that the filming, which attracts fans from all over the world who come in hopes of catching a glimpse of their favorite actors, actually helps the town.

"The city has grown a whole lot since they started filming movies and stuff out here," Haynes said.

Covington Mayor Ronnie Johnston said that he is working on a compromise between film crews and residents, who have complained of late-night filming, bright lights, noises and parking issues. Johnston said he is putting together a committee made up of residents and business owners who will make suggestions on how to make filming less of a nuisance to residents.

Johnson said he now requires film crews who wish to film in neighborhoods to knock on the doors of every single home to get permission to film there. He's also considering putting restrictions on how late filming can happen.

But Marcia Morris hopes the crews will appreciate her town more.

"They don't spend their money locally with us, they cater everything in, they don't hire any people from here except maybe a few," Morris said. "It would be nice if they hired more locals for scenes."

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