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Voters use write-in to protest unopposed incumbent

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The elections may be over but the controversy continues for U.S. Rep. Paul Broun from district 10 in Athens. The Republican gained notoriety for comments he made on a YouTube video that said evolution and the Big Bang theory come "straight from the pit of hell."

Broun easily won re-election on Tuesday, but thousands of voters showed their displeasure with him by writing in their own candidates.

The election supervisor in Clarke County had never seen a write-in report as lengthy as the one she saw this year.

"I did not feel that I could in good faith vote for Mr. Broun," said voter Leslie Swann. "I wrote in a candidate of my choice."

"Who's that?" asked CBS Atlanta reporter Steve Kiggins.

"That would be the devil because I would vote for the devil himself before I would vote for that man," replied Swann.

Swann wasn't alone - nearly 4,000 people wrote in votes for the Origin of Species author, Charles Darwin.

But Darwin wasn't the only write-in candidate found on the ballots; Sesame Street's Big Bird made it a few times, and so did Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert. Also making the list was Eve Olution - plus one vote for Star Trek's Captain Sulu, George Takei.

"The whole politic thing just gotten really unbearable to watch anymore," said Broun supporter Michael Horne. "You're just looking to find somebody that's honest."

Broun's supporters grew tired of the constant political arguments - they were pleased their candidate has the courage to speak his mind.

"What he says is what he believes and whether you agree with that or not, what he says he will stand by," said Broun supporter Barbara Moore.  

CBS Atlanta asked Broun's office if a representative would be available to make a comment on camera, but no one returned our message.

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