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Atlanta pushing for crackdown on Park Atlanta

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The battle continued Wednesday to make Park Atlanta more customer friendly.

Atlanta's transportation committee approved changes they first talked about last week. 

They're designed to fix problems people have been complaining about for years.

One change would be creating an easier way for people to complain. Then those complaints would be filed online, and the vendor would be required to respond within two days.

The other big change has to do with accountability and preventing people from getting tickets when they shouldn't.

Nobody likes getting a ticket, but a bogus ticket is even worse. 

Atlanta residents said it happens all the time.

Qadiyr Sadiq said he doesn't even live downtown but he got a ticket when he shouldn't have.

"My time hadn't lapsed and I still received a ticket," said Sadiq. 

Alex Higdon said he's had problems with the machines not working right.

"When you call these people they do nothing about it. So I've had two tickets," said Higdon.

The committee said that's unacceptable, and it is time to make the vendor pay. Every time a ticket is given out when it shouldn't be, Park Atlanta would be punished.

Richard Mendoza is the city's public works commissioner. 

"Not only do they not get the revenue from that ticket, they would incur a cost on top of that," said Mendoza.

It costs $35.00 a pop every time it's their fault.

But who decides if it's their fault? That sparked some Tough Questions for the city. 

We asked what would stop Park Atlanta from sending someone out to fix the problem and then claiming there never was a problem.  

"That's why we're hiring additional personnel to insure we have rapid response when a complaint is received," said Mendoza.

Residents said if it works, it could make a big difference.

"Hit them in the pocket. It's the only way they gonna change and do the right thing," said Sadiq."

Higdon agreed.

"Any measure of accountability for these folks would help because there is none now. So any effort toward that goal would be helpful," he said.

The proposal will now move on to the full council for official approval at the city's next board meeting.

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