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Twinkies fading into the twilight

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If you've never had a Twinkie, you don't know what you're missing. 

"It just tingles, you want to eat another, and one makes you want to eat the whole box," said Steven Skinner, Twinkie lover.  

Many call the popular cream-filled cake an American institution. 

"They are the original. Nobody makes them like Hostess," Skinner said.

But the Twinkie is fading into the twilight and Hostess is going out of business. 

"It's bad. People won't be able to get their Twinkies and their Ding Dongs and their Cup Cakes," said Pat Roach, a Hostess employee.

Roach works at the Hostess store in Austell. She was busy Friday as her regulars stocked up on their favorite treats. 

"It's a sad situation, we are going to miss them," Roach said.

The death of the Twinkie is the end of an era - not just for the cake, but also for Roach.

Thursday she celebrated 23 years with Hostess. At the end of Friday, she's out of a job.

"I guess I'll have to find me another job but after 23 years with one company, with my age, it's hard to find a job," Roach said.

The store closing will affect four clerks and nine delivery drivers.

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