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Tailgaters cause problems for Castleberry Hill neighborhood

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Tailgaters were out in full force for Sunday's Falcons game. It's great for the team and those taking part, but some residents in the Castleberry Hill neighborhood are getting fed up with an increasing number of problems.

Residents said it's getting out of control and the city isn't doing anything about it.

Robin Gagnon is a part of the Castleberry Hill neighborhood association. "When it comes to Falcons and Sundays and tailgating, it is a free-for-all. All ordinances go out the window. All control of ordinances go out the window," said Gagnon.

Complaints range from parking issues and it being too loud to an ugly scene left behind.

"Time after time, the trash just lays there for days on end. That's a health issue, it's a biohazard," said Gagnon.

She said the worst part is when people urinate in public. "It's disgusting. Absolutely disgusting to see the kind of activities taking place," said Gagnon. She later added, "It is routine. We conducted a survey and nearly half of our citizens have observed someone whipping it out and going in the middle of a parking lot in a residential area."

The residents might have a long list of complaints, but the tailgaters said it's really not a problem, especially the trash.

Mickey Ridley tailgates in the lot right outside Gagnon's place every week. "We pick up behind ourselves and keep it in trash bags and we bundle it up at the end of the day. Then the next day, either Monday or Tuesday, the city comes to pick up the trash," said Ridley.

Charlie Askew tailgates in the same lot. "When we tailgate we take every bit of trash with us back home."

As for the urinating in public, people we talked to said they've never done or ever seen it in person.

But Gagnon said she's seen it and she has the pictures to prove it. She's so tired of it she is skipping over the tailgaters and asking the city and the Falcons to step up.

"They are having a great year and we love the Falcons. We want them to be successful, but there's a way to be successful and also be good neighbors, and right now they are not good neighbors to Castleberry Hill," said Gagnon.

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