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Atlanta driver calls red light camera ticket erroneous

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A metro Atlanta man told CBS Atlanta News that he received a red light camera ticket a few months ago; even though he insists he never ran the light.

"The next thing I know I got a ticket in the mail, I think it's unfair and it's an injustice," driver Roger Persad said.

Persad believes the city of Atlanta erroneously cited him for running a red light.

One of the photographs taken by the red light camera shows him approaching the intersection of Metropolitan Parkway and Cleveland Avenue. 

"There's nothing there about me passing into the intersection period," Persad said.

The second photograph on the $70 ticket shows that Persad's brake lights were on and his front tires had rolled over the pedestrian crosswalk in the road.

"I agree with the cameras being there in the sky, but I don't agree with people stopping on the crosswalks and getting cited for it," Persad said.

Persad said he went to the city's website and clicked on a link to view the video of the incident, but it didn't work. When he tried calling the phone number on the citation, that didn't work either.

"I don't think it's fair. I mean if we can't view a video of the citation they're sending us, they might as well have not sent it to us," Persad said.

A spokesperson for Atlanta's Public Works Department said officials reviewed the citation and determined Persad is in violation. 

They said he turned right on red, but never came to a complete stop.

"Something like that really hurts, really hurts," Persad said.

Persad pointed out that the photograph shows a police officer on a motorcycle at the intersection and even the officer didn't write a red light ticket.

"Had he seen me run that light, I'm pretty sure he would have pulled me over and cited me right then and there," Persad said.


***Update: One day after our story aired, the video was fixed on the city's website on 11/21/12. Click here to watch it.

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