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Deck collapses, 3 transported to hospital

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A Thanksgiving dinner with friends and family ended in chaos when the deck on the 2100 block of Well Drive in southeast Smyrna collapsed.

Witnesses said eight people were on the deck when it collapsed at about 7:40 Thursday night.

A 2-year-old boy was on the deck, standing next to his mother, when it came crashing down.

"It just dropped," Ryan Logan said. 

Logan is the boy's father. He said his girlfriend, the boy's mother, was seriously injured. According to Logan, she instinctively grabbed her son and cradled him as they slid 10 feet down the wooden deck.

"They grabbed him when he was falling," Logan said.  

Anitra Page said she is renting the home and just moved in a few weeks ago.  Page told CBS Atlanta's Mike Paluska she was inside when she heard the screams. 

"Next thing we know my sister-in-law started screaming, ‘They fell through, they fell through the porch fell through,' and we don't know what happened. My sister was carried out on the chair. They said her leg was messed up and her bone sticking out so she couldn't walk to come out."

When the deck fell, Page said it wasn't just the boy's mother who tried to save the child, but everyone who was outside.

"When the porch collapsed, everybody went for him, so he was protected," Page said.

The three patients, according to the Smyrna Fire Department were transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. 

Page said the 2-year-old should be OK.

Logan said the support beams for the deck didn't collapse, but the whole part of the deck closest to the home just pulled away from the house.

"I am just devastated right now, and just going to keep praying for my whole family," Page said.

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