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An early start to Black Friday means shorter lines

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Early Black Friday shopping at Atlantic Station Early Black Friday shopping at Atlantic Station

With more stores moving up the start of their Black Friday sales to Gray Thursday, the lines weren't that bad by the time the big shopping day actually rolled around.

Melondy Moultrie was one of a few shoppers who perused the aisles at the Target in Atlantic Station. She said she stayed away from the lines on purpose.

"Well, I went to Target last night and the lines were just too long," Moultrie said. "So I came this morning and I'm surprised there's no one here."

But Moultrie said she thinks she missed out on better deals by waiting until it was actually Friday.

"Some of the things I saw on sale last night that I would have wanted are not on sale today," Moultrie said.

Dan Dusick saw CBS Atlanta News's reports of no wait times and decided to head in.

"There was nobody else down here so I was like, 'Oh, I can get down here before the crowd gets here,'" Dusick said.

But just hours earlier, it was a different story. Places like Best Buy, Lenox Square Mall and BrandsMart opened up well before midnight to crowds.

Courtney Troup, a Lenox Square Mall shopper, said coming in much earlier was worth it.

"What girl doesn't want to come out at 12 o'clock and shop away all the low prices and get all the cute stuff before everybody else gets it?" she said.

The men came out, too. At BrandsMart, Maxwell Eze said shopping conditions were ideal.

"It's the best night to come out - it's perfect weather, everything's on sale, so it's just a perfect night to come shop," Eze said. "I got a 42-inch TV for 400-something dollars. That's a pretty good deal."

Still, Moultrie, a mother of two, said she isn't a fan of the early start to the sales. She thinks it shifts attention away from family time during Thanksgiving to shopping a little too much.

"I would have preferred this morning," Moultrie said. "Last night, I just wasn't prepared. We went to the movies and then stopped by the store just to see what they had and I wasn't prepared to stay."

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