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Mother of teen gunned down in Florida calls for change in law

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High school student Jordan Davis had recently moved to Florida to live with his father when he was gunned down on Black Friday outside of a gas station in Jacksonville, FL.

His mother, Lucia McBath, of Marietta, said she sent her son to live with his father while she battled breast cancer for a second time.

"I never thought my son would never be coming home again," McBath said.

McBath spoke with CBS Atlanta News Monday evening, still filled with emotion as she continues to grieve the loss of her only child.

The 17-year-old Florida high school student was shot and killed in the back seat of an SUV on Nov. 23.

Michael Dunn, 54, a gun collector, is charged with capital felony murder and three counts of attempted murder in the case.

Investigators said Dunn argued with Davis after asking him to turn his music down. 

"I was just completely horrified," McBath said, about learning of her son's murder. "This man felt that he had the authority to take my child's life. And shoot at these children because he didn't like their music."

According to reports, Dunn fired at least eight shots into the SUV that Davis was riding in with his friends.

McBath said she does not want her son's death to be about race.

McBath said she and her son's father hope that by changing Florida's Stand Your Ground Law, something positive will come from their son's death.

The petition at states the family wants to have state Stand Your Ground laws be uniform with the federal law, which only allows for deadly force when if the perpetrator is within the confines of ones home.

"We have to fight it. His dad and I have to fight," McBath said.

McBath said the world lost a good kid who was loving, thoughtful and always shared with others.

"Everywhere we went we had to take everybody. Even kids whose parents couldn't afford some of the activities. I would pay for them. And I would carry them with us because I knew it was important to Jordan. It was important to me too," McBath said.

McBath's cancer is now in remission.

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