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City of Kennesaw to chop down 330 trees in Legacy Park

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Homeowners in Kennesaw's Legacy Park community are upset with the city's plan to remove hundreds of trees from their neighborhood.

"I'm not happy about it," said homeowner Paul Felch.

Felch told CBS Atlanta News that he walks his dog in the neighborhood every day and was disappointed to learn that the city of plans to cut down 330 trees.

"It's just going to really impact the beautiful look of the streets that we have in our neighborhood," Felch said.

Residents said the city has marked all of the trees on the chopping block with white dots. The bulk of those slated for removal are in the Winterthur and Gramercy subdivisions at Legacy Park.

"Oh, I was mad because you know what? I love trees. I don't want to see the trees come down," said homeowner Tommy Peterson. "I mean, if they take it down I'm going to put five or six more up in my yard that they can't touch."

City officials said the trees are causing the sidewalks to buckle which has become a safety issue and a major liability for the city.

CBS Atlanta News asked Kennesaw's public works director, Earnie Via, why the city approved the development if it was going to go back and take the trees out. 

"That's a good question and something we've researched and I will say when that was done the ordinance was possibly different," Via said. "I know our current ordinance says nothing can be planted in the right-of-way, back then it might have been allowed, but it was allowed and it shouldn't have been."

The city will spend between $50,000 and $75,000 to remove the trees, and that process is expected to begin in about 60 days.

"I take the dog for a run every day and I've never had an issue with falling and tripping," Felch said.

The city said the money to tear down the trees has been budgeted for in the general fund. They also said they will have to spend roughly $140,000 to repair 700 sections of sidewalk damaged by the trees.

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