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Newtown shooting sparks changes at Gwinnett County schools

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The tragedy in Connecticut has already led to changes in Gwinnett County.

Extra officers patrolled the schools Monday to take care of any safety issues, but they're also working to deal with potential psychological issues.

Schools had extra security set up inside and outside the buildings. The main goal was of course to prevent any problems, but also to just make students and parents feel better.

Jorge Quintana is with the Gwinnett County School District.

"When they see that we are working together with police we hope they know we're being proactive and we're listening to them. We're all working together to insure safety of our students," said Quintana.

But safety is just one of Gwinnett County's concerns. It's also worried about what a tragedy like this could do to the students' minds.

"For an incident like this one, even though it happened many miles away our councilors are aware that there will be people who need additional support so they are on the lookout," said Quintana.

They're looking for students like Rebecca Heugh, who turned to counseling for an outlet.

"It was very nice to know that they weren't just there because they had to be, but because they wanted to know more and they were supportive of that," said Heugh.

She was there for a separate issue after her best friend was killed last week, but she said the tragedy in Connecticut created some of the same issues for other students and that the counseling really helped.

"It was comforting to have someone to talk to and show that support," said Heugh.

The counseling is designed for the students but school officials said it's not just for the kids.

"If a parent wanted to come in and talk to someone to get advice on how to talk to students about an incident such as this one, our councilors are available," said Quintana.

Gwinnett County school officials said their main focus is on the next three days and making it to winter break. They will reevaluate the situation after the break to see if the extra staff is still needed.

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