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Cheshire Bridge Road business owners upset over proposed ordinance

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Businesses along Cheshire Bridge Road Businesses along Cheshire Bridge Road

Sung Kong is an only child, so when it came time for someone to take over the family business, he didn't hesitate.

"I worked here all my life, high school and middle school. I moved away after college. Back in 2000 my father came down with cancer, so I moved back to help out the family business," said Kong.

Kong's Body Shop has been a fixture on Cheshire Bridge Road for almost 30 years. When he took over, he added a car wash.

Kong said he doesn't understand why his district councilman, Alex Wan, wants to shut down businesses like his.

"He wants to target the adult businesses and clean up the street. Who wouldn't agree with that? But that's not what's happening. We have more regular businesses closing down than adult businesses," said Kong.

The Cheshire Bridge corridor is well known for its vast array of adult entertainment businesses. Wan is proposing two ordinances that would do away with businesses that were grandfathered in after the area was rezoned in 2007 in an effort to get rid of those adult establishments.

"If that's your objective, why don't you extend the boundaries and really do it?" asked Larry Martino.

Martino also owns a carwash business in the affected section of Cheshire Bridge. Martino and Kong said the problem with Wan's proposal is that most of the adult businesses on Cheshire Bridge are not in the targeted area.

"If you go just outside the border, literally walking distance, you have Bare Necessities, Onyx, Naughty Lingerie, Uptown Novelty and Inserection. I mean really? Why is he targeting this area opposed to where the bulk of the adult business is?" asked Kong.

The city's Zoning Review Board considered the ordinances at the regular meeting on Thursday.

Residents who support the ordinance said it was part of a plan to improve the neighborhood and that Cheshire Bridge Road had become an embarrassment. They said the improvement project is years in the making.

"It doesn't seem logical that the city wouldn't try to do everything in our power to help a vision be realized, that was carefully planned, carefully thought out and agreed upon previously," said councilman Alex Wan.

The board decided to defer any action for 60 days. The members said sections of the ordinance appeared arbitrary and they were not comfortable with how it was written.

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