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Cobb County rewrites proposed immigration code

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After CBS Atlanta News started asking the Tough Questions, Cobb County leaders have reworded a new immigration code that would require county contractors and vendors to verify the status of every worker on the job, not just those newly hired.

"I think the big thing here to emphasize is this is not about deporting people," said Bob Ott, the proposal's sponsor. "It's not about sending people back to wherever they came from or whatever. This is purely about jobs and making sure the limited number of jobs in today's economy go to those folks who are legal to have them."

The proposed measure will now call on contractors to use a federal program called IMAGE to verify the immigration status of every worker.   

"There's no fee associated with it," said JoAnn Birrell, a co-sponsor of the measure. "To me it's not really putting an imposition on these companies to have to do this at a cost."

However, immigration activist D.A. King said the law is worthless. He pointed out the original wording of the proposal did not specifically mention the IMAGE certification program.

"The ordinance language is nowhere close to the way it's being presented," said King. "It will not accomplish the task as advertised. It is a fairy tale and that's the kindest way I can put it."

Late Friday, Ott told CBS Atlanta News that county leaders have agreed to rewrite the proposed measure and specifically mention the IMAGE certification requirement using the wording King has proposed.

Two public hearings on the proposed immigration law are scheduled for Jan. 22 and Feb. 26.

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