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APS teacher found innocent, still not allowed back in classroom

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Back in June, a tribunal of educators found Angela Williamson, a 15-year teaching veteran, innocent of charges that she cheated on the 2009 CRCTs.

In its decision, the tribunal recommended to "reinstate the employee in the event the employee has been temporarily relieved from duty in accordance with this part."

In July, the APS Board of Education voted to reinstate Williamson's previous school year contract.

"I was thrilled, excited that I was going to be placed back in the classroom, doing what I do best, and that's teaching," Williamson said.

But she was not given her job back. Instead, she and her attorney Gerald Griggs filed a lawsuit asking that the tribunal's decision be upheld. In December, APS had Williamson undergo a second hearing, this one to determine whether or not she should be reinstated. She was not.

Now Williamson and Griggs want to know why she was even made to go through a second hearing in the first place, which Griggs claimed brought forth no new evidence.

Stephen Alford, a spokesman with APS, was not able to respond directly as to why Williamson was not back in the classroom.  

"I can't speak specifically about that teacher because it's a personnel matter but I can tell you that we have had employees who were part of the investigation who are back with the organization," Alford said.

Alford was referring to about 13 teachers who had charges against them dropped and did get their jobs back. They did not undergo the tribunal process as Williamson did.

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