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GDOT fails to replace interstate road reflectors

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Georgia's Department of Transportation said it has replaced some road reflectors along metro Atlanta interstates but cannot afford to replace thousands of others torn up during a winter storm in January 2011.

GDOT had told CBS Atlanta News immediately after the storm it would make the reflectors a priority but said it cannot fulfill that promise.

"We have replaced some of them, not all of them," said GDOT spokesman Mark McKinnon.  "They are not required by law. Of course, we would love to have them everywhere."

McKinnon said with budget cuts over the year, the agency does not have the money or manpower to replace the reflectors.

"We are just having to do them as we get the time and the funding to do so."

Many drivers said they have noticed the missing reflectors.

"Every so many miles, you'll look down and you'll notice 20 or 30 are missing here or there, then they'll start back," said Warren Moss, a truck driver. "Then you'll see again where they clipped them and didn't replace them."  

Other drivers said they understand that GDOT's budget is tight but they want the reflectors replaced for safety reasons.

"You see I wear glasses and when it's rainy and dark, that helps a lot because you can't see the lines," said Marc Sailers.

GDOT said it did not know how many reflectors still need to be replaced and is not sure if it will find the funding for the project any time soon.

"We are paying taxes and they are not fixing the roads and these roads should be fixed," said Ousman Trawally.

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