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E. coli found in drinking water in city of Kingston

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Drinking water in one local community is tainted and people have been getting sick. The city of Kingston found E.coli in a drinking well last week.

"We've always had problems," resident Amanda Silvers said.

Silvers found out from a friend a few days ago that the city's water was contaminated. Since then she hasn't washed her dishes and she's only drinking bottled water.

"It kind of makes you queasy at your stomach, like ugh, it's just a disgusting thought," Silvers said.

Silvers isn't the only one who is disgusted. Bernice Gentry has been stocking up on paper plates and bottled water from Dollar General.

"I thought, 'Oh gosh, that's why we've all been sick since way before Christmas,'" Gentry said.

Billy Baker runs Kingston's water department. He said the city shut down the tainted well and began using another one. So what is the city doing to ensure the safety of all citizens?

"Well, we published EPA guidelines in the newspaper, radio and called people and told them not to drink the water," Kingston Mayor Ronald Casey said.

The mayor said heavy rain caused flooding which seeped into the well causing more than just people to get sick.

"One lady claimed her bird died… there's nothing we can do. Our lawyer says you have to prove stuff like that," Casey said.

Longtime residents like Amanda Silvers said from this point forward, she's not taking any chances.

"I'll probably never drink the water again because I'll have that in the back of my mind," Silvers said.

Residents have been urged to boil their water until further notice. When asked if the mayor would consider taping into Bartow County's water system, he said the city can't afford to.

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