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DeKalb County school board scraps controversial plans

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DeKalb County school board DeKalb County school board

Members of the DeKalb County Board of Education have thrown out some controversial plans that would have redrawn school attendance zones for thousands of students.

On Wednesday, the board voted to approve a watered-down version of its original plan. The new plan primarily focuses on necessary construction projects.

In order to get construction funding from the state, the district is required to put together a list of all the schools that it expects will be operational five years from now. Once district officials realized it was that simple, they threw out plans that would have sent thousands of kids to other schools.

Another part of the original plan that board members scrapped would have turned Chapel Hill Middle School into a theme school. It would have admitted students based on a lottery system.

Parent Keith Sailor said he's glad the theme school plan is off the table.

"The kids that live in that community, if they don't make the lottery to go to that school, they are then bussed to another community," said Sailor, "which, in effect, disenfranchises that community because that school will be host to students from all over the county."

With its new, simpler organizational plan in place, the school district now can request $40 million in construction funding from the state. The district plans to use that money to make certain existing schools bigger.

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