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Victims in 15 car hit-and-run are still in disbelief

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One week after a fatal hit-and-run case involving more than 10 vehicles, some victims are still in shock.

Police arrested Michael Owen Snider, 70, on multiple counts including vehicular homicide, reckless driving, and DUI.

CBS Atlanta News obtained 911 calls from a very busy night.

"I'm on Highway 78 and there is a truck driving out of control hitting cars," said one caller.

"I don't know if he was driving drunk or what but he's hit two or three people and ran them off the road," said another caller.

One of those people was Kevin Bielaga.

"He hit the front left side and it was enough to push me on to the curb of the road," said Bielaga.

And Bielaga said that was just the beginning.

"He was actually plowing through the vehicles like he was playing bumper cars. He was just plowing through everybody," said Bielaga.

Bielaga said after calling 911 and talking with officers on the scene, he got back on the road. Moments later he saw just how bad this string of accidents really was when he came up on the one accident that turned fatal.

"It was bad. It was really bad. It was crumpled up and it looked like it had just been pounded into the trailer it was under. It was terrible. It looked like the car was ripped in half," said Bielaga.

And because of that fatality, he and many other victims want justice.

"As far as I'm concerned with a fatality there's no pity for him. It's a sad thing for everybody involved, but at 70 years old, you should have a whole lot more responsibility than that," said Bielaga.

Bielaga said he's back to work and still driving but he said he's doing things a little differently now. He's not only paying attention to what he's doing, he's keeping a closer eye on what everybody else is doing, too.

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