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'Gay' bulldog sparks interest across America

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(Source: Gawker) (Source: Gawker)

(WMC-TV) - An animal shelter wants to spread the word that if you are looking for its "gay" bulldog -- it has been adopted.

An American bulldog received a lot of attention after its owner decided to get rid of it because he saw its close contact with another male dog and he assumed it was gay.

The website Gawker first posted the story about the dog after it was dropped off at the Jackson-Madison County Humane Society in Jackson, Tennessee and was scheduled to be euthanized.

Humane society employees say the phones began ringing off the hook after the story went viral.

"Absolutely, we have had a high volume of calls from all over the United States," said George Ryder.

The dog was adopted, hopefully, by an owner who understands dog behavior. Outside of mating season, the type of behavior this American bulldog was engaging it is actually how dogs show dominance.

"If the dog's not hurting the other dog, it'll probably be okay," laughed Ryder.

Ryder adds that in all the years he has worked with animals, he has never known as a gay animal, nor has be ever heard of an owner giving up an animal due to its perceived sexual preference. But, it could be a great marketing tool for the other 19 dogs and two cats at the shelter.

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