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Clean-up under way in tornado-ravaged Georgia towns

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The hum of chainsaws echoed through the north Georgia towns of Adairsville and Calhoun on Thursday as people worked to clear mounds of debris from their homes.

An EF-3 tornado left a trail of debris as it ripped through homes, businesses, fast food restaurants, and everything else.

John Beasley's home sustained damage from flying debris, but it's still standing.

"I was proud of my yard," Beasley said. Now, his yard is almost unrecognizable. All around the front and back yard is a giant jumble of trees.

"After the initial shock, we are doing pretty good," said Beasley's wife Stephanie. "We are just trying to find someone to clean up the debris. We know the process is getting started and it will take a moment."

The damage estimates from the storm, according to insurance commissioner Ralph Hudgens, is $75 million.

The super cell thunderstorm tracked across Northwest Bartow and central Gordon counties from 11:15 am to 11:55 a.m., according to the National Weather Service. The path was six to seven miles long.

At least 202 single family homes were damaged or destroyed in the tornado.

Kevin Fleming had just gotten out of his car near Cherry Street and Joe Frank Harris Parkway when the tornado hit.

"The door got sucked out of my hand, closed and it just exploded outside, it happened really, really fast," Fleming said. "I didn't know that there was a tornado. There wasn't any sirens or anything. It just happened. I came around and saw my car upside down. I am glad I stopped, because look what it did to my car. I would have been blown away."

Anthony Raines, 51, was killed in his mobile home in Adairsville. Raines was the only fatality reported in Georgia. Authorities reported 29 injuries.

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