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Mother of 4 children killed in house fire: 'Pain will never go away'

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On Jan. 8, Reeba Glass lost all of her children but one in a deadly house fire.

Glass Conyers' home caught fire after investigators said her son Darnell Glass, 6, was playing with a lighter.

Darnell is too young to know the impact of what he did, only that his brothers and sister are gone.

"(I told Darnell) 'They are with God, in a better place. He left me with you and you with me," Glass said. "He just knows they are gone and he misses them."

Glass suffered serious burns to 40 percent of her body trying to save her children. Glass was only able save Darnell. 

Her four other children: Ah' Dariya Glass, 9; Dar'shawn Glass, 7; Armoni Roberts, 3; and Deon Glass, 8 months old, all died in the fire.

"The only thing different is not waking up four more kids in the morning, not cooking a big meal anymore, I am dealing with it in so many different ways," Glass said. "Everything reminds me of them, everything. Cooking, cleaning, the quietness; it hurts my ears with the quietness."

On Tuesday, the Rockdale County Board of Commissioners also proclaimed Feb. 5 as Lamonta Stroud and Richard Slater appreciation day.

The brothers put their lives in danger to try and save the trapped children.

They were honored at Tuesday's board of commissioners meeting.

"My brother tried to bust the window out to get the kids," Slater said. "I wish I could have done more. But, I am honored that I am recognized for what I did try to do."

"I feel like I just want to move on from it, and live my life," Lamonta Stroud said. "We are not heroes. I just wish we could have done more."

Stroud said he nearly made it to the upstairs before his brother begged him to get out of the house for fear he would not make it out alive.

Glass said she is grateful they tried to save her children.

"My heart is still broken, it won't bring my babies back, but I am just glad that some people tried to help me with this tragedy," Glass said.

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