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DeKalb woman makes it to big time with Super Bowl performance

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A close-up of the bassist during Beyonce's Super Bowl half-time show was a life-changing moment for the Robinson family.

"I couldn't control my emotions. I was just went back. I went into a state of shock like, 'ah,'" said Chyna Robinson.

Robinson's sister, Lauren Taneil was the bassist in that TV shot.

"It's like 'Oh, my God,'" said Taneil.

Taneil is Beyonce's bassist. Before taking the national stage, she got all of her practice growing up with her sister in DeKalb County.

"They just hit on the piano and hit on the piano and I said days and hours, 'it sounds like noise, but it will be music,'" said Garry "Michi" Robinson, Taniel's father.

Garry Robinson is a musician. He got his three daughters into music at young ages. They all play an instrument and sing together in the girl band The GG's.

A year-and-a-half ago, Taniel received the call to the big time to play bass with Beyonce. Her rise to stardom hasn't broken her bond with her sisters.

"I am really excited for her and to hear also she hasn't forgotten about us, she wants to make it happen with us," said English Robinson, Taniel's sister.

Taniel said she wasn't nervous at all when taking the stage for the Super Bowl. She had plenty of rehearsals and support from her family.

She will hit the road again to tour with Beyonce for her international concert series.

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