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What makes Georgia a music hot spot? Grammy-winning artists weigh in

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The state represented at music's biggest night with six Grammy wins by Georgia artists. Usher, Zac Brown Band, Janelle Monae, Danger Mouse, Lecrae and Micah Massey took home a Grammy. In all 22 musicians from the state were honored with a nomination.

So why is the southern state such a music hotspot? Grammy nominated and award-winning artists weigh in. 

Musicians like Ray Charles, James Brown and the Indigo Girls put Georgia on the music map.

"I think it's just in our blood. Southerners have always liked good music and we've produced a lot of those over the years that have been outstanding musicians," Gov. Nathan Deal said. 

Artists like Usher and bands like Zac Brown have kept it there.

"Our family's here. This is our centering and for the next 20 years or so we'll be here, this is home," Zac Brown said.

Artists from the Peach state include household names and lesser-known ones who work behind the scenes.

"Atlanta is one of the oldest recording cities in America and one of the most important, so many important recordings were made in the 20s," Michael Graves said.

Dozens upon dozens of Georgians have received music's highest honor, a Grammy. Zac Brown Band bassist John Driscoll Hopkins thinks he knows why.

"I think it's the humidity that really just lets everybody get in there and sweat it out and make it all nice and juicy," Hopkins joked. "That's probably the most of it. After that there's something in the clay out here that breeds raw talent and we're just in such wonderful company here in Georgia."  

Some of the artists are homegrown, others move into the state. Either way, the range of talent found in Georgia is diverse. There's hip hop and country, gospel and Christian rock.

"There's something in the water. There has to be because there's too many people that are so talented, not only musicians but people in the music industry that do other things as well, so I don't know what it is but it's a great thing to be part of it," Mac Powell said.

Deal thinks part of the draw for artists to move here are programs to incentivize the music industry. It's part of Georgia's Entertainment Industry Investment Act, which also draws film companies to shoot here.

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