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State leaders carry big expectations for president's address

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Georgia state leaders will pay close attention to President Barack Obama's speech.

They want to know what the president is going to do kick start the still sluggish economy.

The president is expected to focus on gun control, immigration reform and job creation as elements of his domestic platform.

Gov. Nathan Deal wants to know how will the president's agenda benefit Georgia.

"At the state level, we have to watch out what comes down the pike," Deal said. "Hopefully he'll lay out  plans for the future as to where he intends to direct the country."

As the president speaks in Washington, state leaders in Georgia will listen closely.

They hope the president targets ways to boost a still sluggish economy creating jobs.

"Hopefully the president will offer solutions that can jump-start our economy and get Georgians back to work," said State Rep. Stacey Abrams, the Georgia House Minority Leader.

Abrams adds that she wants the President to reinforce his call for a ban on the sale of high-powered, military-style rifles.

"By asking for gun control and gun safety, he's telling Americans we have an opportunity to take responsibility ourselves for making our country safer," Abrams said.

David Ralston, the Georgia House Speaker and a Republican, said the president's gun control proposal is not the answer to stopping senseless violence in schools in Atlanta and in Newtown, CT.

"We have a fundamental difference of those issues," Ralston said. "I don't think guns are the problem. I think we need to look at the way we treat mental illness in our society."

The president is scheduled to stop in Atlanta on Thursday as he swings through southern states to try to win over the public.

Deal hopes the president talks about ways to improve early childhood learning.

"We are somewhat encouraged by the fact that he's going to be visiting our state and looking at our pre-Pre-K education," Deal said.

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