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Atlanta City Council committee briefed on proposed Falcons stadium

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Members of Atlanta City Council's finance/executive committee were briefed Wednesday afternoon about the proposed Atlanta Falcons stadium.

Representatives from the Georgia World Congress Center Authority, Atlanta Falcons, Invest Atlanta and the mayor's office were invited to the meeting. So was the community.

People packed the room to listen to the presentation. What's proposed is a private/public partnership to cover the multi-million to billion dollar cost with 20 percent coming from a hotel/motel tax. The team would cover the rest. Falcons CEO Rich McKay wants to create a win for all and said downtown Atlanta is the only place they'd do this deal.

"The only reason we're willing to do the deal on these terms and the terms we've agreed to, and negotiated over a long period of time, is really because of his (owner Arthur Blanks) commitment to Atlanta and specifically to downtown Atlanta," McKay said.

McKay said the team would have no other choice but to look elsewhere in metro Atlanta if this deal doesn't go through.

"We think this is where the deal should be done, but it is our intent to play in a new stadium in 2017," McKay said. 

People had a chance to weigh in. A representative from Castleberry Hill said she feels like the neighborhood is being left out of the process.

"We as a community have been disenfranchised and have experienced no representation. We are the single most affected neighborhood in the city of Atlanta," the woman said. 

A man had his own idea on what should be done.

"I know what your bottom line is. I know how much you're worth, Mr. Blank. Build your own stadium. If you build your own stadium, they will come," he said.

CBS Atlanta News spoke with McKay after the meeting, where he said the team is committed to Atlanta. He also responded to public concerns of feeling left out of the process.

"I don't think in anyway shape or form they [Dome proponents] tied to hide anything [from the public]. Because I think those documents were out there the whole time. I just think it was a situation where we were doing so much work that people thought a lot was being done on the finances," said McKay.

This was the first of what will be many meetings before the council will vote on any legislation.   

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