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Arrest expected in accident that injured KSU student

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Emily Bowman Emily Bowman

Athens-Clarke County police said they are getting closer to making an arrest in the hit-and-run accident that left a 19-year-old woman critically injured. Investigators said they expect to get an arrest warrant by the end of the work week.

The accident happened early Saturday morning. A witness said a red pickup truck struck Emily Bowman, a Kennesaw State University student from Woodstock, as she and a friend were walking alongside Oak Street, a couple of miles from the campus of the University of Georgia. Bowman was in Athens visiting a friend.

Detectives said that a 22-year-old man, whose identity they would not reveal, is their prime suspect. The man and his parents are not cooperating, police said, and have hired an attorney.

"Nobody was wanting to cooperate," said the victim's father, Dale Bowman. "So they've just had to cross their Ts and dot their Is. They want it airtight. And so do I."

Police found an abandoned truck hours after the accident and determined that it was the vehicle that struck Bowman. Investigators said there were beer cans and an open bottle of vodka in it.

Investigators said they believe the 22-year old was driving drunk. They said he has a history of alcohol-related incidents and traffic offenses.

"We have a lot of videotape footage, a lot of telephone records, a long list of witnesses and potential witnesses. Here we have a young lady who was doing everything right, and she was cut down by a person in our opinion didn't care," said Sgt. Von Anderson of the Athens-Clarke County police Crash Investigation Unit on Wednesday.

"Having the truck and knowing who the owner is doesn't necessarily put him behind wheel," said Von Anderson in a previous interview. "That's what we're working on."

"I just hope he feels terrible enough to come forward," said Anna Lee Strickland, Emily Bowman's friend since childhood. "I honestly wish he could see her right now because she doesn't look the same at all. And I just wish he could see what he's done to us."

Emily Bowman has been on a ventilator ever since she underwent emergency brain surgery Saturday.

Her friends started a Facebook page to publish updates about her condition. It's called Bows for Bowman.

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