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Kennesaw hit-and-run victim showing signs of improvement

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A Kennesaw State student critically injured by a hit-and-run driver is showing signs of improvement.

Emily Bowman was blind-sided by a truck while walking along a road in Athens last Saturday, and she's been in critical condition ever since.

When Bowman first entered the hospital, her friends admit it was scary.

"It was terrifying when you see her at first. I couldn't recognize who she was," said Bowman's friend Heather Vettraino.

She said it's been difficult to see her like this, but it has allowed her to witness first hand just how far she's come.

"Her swelling has gone down a lot. It's giving me a lot of hope. She looks beautiful today," said Vettraino.

Camila Cardona has known Bowman since high school.

"You couldn't even see her eyelashes, but now you can see her lashes and you recognize who she is, the beautiful girl that she is," said Cardona.

But Emily isn't their only concern. They're also keeping an eye on the investigation.

The case is very frustrating to Bowman's family and friends.

"I want the results soon. Like right now," said Vettraino.

Both Cardona and Vettraino said they want the man who hit Bowman to just turn himself in, but Bowman's father has a very different take on it.

"I'd really like them to put him in handcuffs. So sweat it out a little bit more," said Bowman's father, Dale Bowman.

He later said, "My nightmare started on Saturday and his is about to start."

As for the investigation, police said they did get a few more leads to work on, but they're just not ready to make the arrest even though they know who the suspect is and have his truck that has obvious front end damage.

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