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DeKalb County school board members respond to Governor's action

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Nancy Jester is one of the six DeKalb County School Board of Education members Gov. Nathan Deal signed an order to have removed from office.

"I am certainly willing to step down. My fear is that if one person does it and others don't you just leave your constituents without their voice that they elected you to," said Jester.

Jester considers herself the whistleblower who alerted SACs, the accrediting agency, and the state about the budget problems and issues with the school board.

"I'm always concerned about kids and taxpayers whether I'm on the board or not. That's not going to change," said Jester.

Jester said she does not support the board's decision to fight their suspensions.

"I'm the voice who never voted to hire an attorney, to take any litigation steps because that's just against one of my principles for kids and taxpayers," said Jester.

Board member Jay Cunningham told a crowd of parents Saturday he will not go out without a fight.

"I was voted in. I'm standing in front of you today to get behind me and let me finish my term, that's a constitutional right," said Cunningham.

DeKalb County parent Jennifer Hatfield said if board members want to protect voter's rights, the six will voluntarily step down and drop their lawsuits.

"My goals are to remove the six board members who are recommended for suspension, to protect voting rights of DeKalb County citizenry and to eliminate the need for legal proceeding," said Hatfield.

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