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Kelly's inspirational race story

I sent a message to Georgia Marathon on Facebook to tell you all how excited we are to start our wedding day with the Georgia Marathon.

We will be running the marathon in the morning and holding our ceremony at 6:00 p.m. that same day. Of course we will be dressed in some type of goofy wedding attire. As avid athletes who love to run, bike and swim (Ironman Triathlons are our hobby) we are thrilled to make this part of our special day!

Jeff has vowed to pace along with me as he is a bit faster. Running at my pace I anticipate we will have about 4:15 of pure fun out on the course!

Tagging along with us for the first part of the run will be my sister who is doing her first ever half marathon. We are excited for her to achieve such a great accomplishment on our special day as well!


With optimism,


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