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Ola High School parents continue to fight 'food fight' expulsions

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Video of the February 1st food fight at Ola HS as seen on cell phone video. Video of the February 1st food fight at Ola HS as seen on cell phone video.

The aftermath of a food fight at Ola High School in McDonough is front and center once again.

Parents of some of the students expelled for taking part in the senior prank met with the Henry County School Board on Monday.

They were granted a private meeting before the board to plead their case concerning the Feb. 1 food fight in the school's cafeteria.

After the meeting, parents, including Mark Striplin, told CBS Atlanta News the punishment went way overboard, but no one seems to be listening.

"I don't know why we came for this meeting," said Striplin. "They could have sent us a letter and told us they weren't going to do anything."

CBS Atlanta News was given a copy of cell phone images. It shows part of the food fight.

Striplin's daughter, who is a senior, was expelled with more than a dozen other students.

"I thought maybe they there were actually going to consider the charges that were put on these kids," said Striplin.

J.D. Hardin, a spokesman for the district, told CBS Atlanta News the "Special Call Meeting" was an opportunity for the board to listen to the expelled students, their parents and in some cases their lawyers.  Hardin said the district will not comment on the hearings.

Attorney Gill Maxwell spoke to the board on behalf of the Striplin family.

"I think in this case early decisions just gathered momentum of their own," said Maxwell.

Maxwell was one two attorneys who showed up with pages of written letters and documents feeling strongly that the board would overturn the punishment, but it didn't.

"They just felt the need to be consistent as appose to justice, in this case."

Attorney Bill Moody represented the Daniel family.

We were hoping for justice and soothing that was good for the community and for the kids involved in this. We did not get it," said Moody.

Striplin said his daughter will have to graduate from an alternative school, like the rest of the students who were expelled and feel singled out.

He pointed to the cell phone video which appears to show more kids taking part in the senior prank then were actually punished. 

"I think they think that this will go away, and they won't have to do anything to any other students. I'm here to tell them, ‘I'm carrying this as far as it needs to go,'" said Striplin.

The next possible step for the expelled students would be to request a hearing with the state school board within the next 20 days.

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