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Tripp Halstead's surgery goes well according to his mother

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Tripp Halstead, Source: Facebook Tripp Halstead, Source: Facebook

The 2-year-old Winder boy who was hit by a tree branch in October had yet another surgery Thursday morning.

Tripp Halstead was critically injured when a large tree branch fell onto his head Oct. 29, 2012 while at his Winder day care.

His mother, Stacey Halstead, posted on Facebook that doctors removed the EVD drain and replaced it with a new one. Doctors believed bacteria was in the drain.

Doctors had to cut into his head again and he once again has a breathing tube, where just 10 days ago it was removed.

"We have had this done before. They have to cut on his head again," posted Stacey Halstead on Wednesday. "He is going to be the king of scars."

During the surgery on Thursday, Stacey posted this:

"This is his 8th surgery in 4 months. It is so hard to deal with so many setbacks. Breaks my heart into pieces. He looked so great in therapy and because of this ever persistent bacteria, he cried and moans and seems to be storming a bit. He is stiff again and we just cant get his blood pressure under control, not too mention the throwing up. Hard to watch. We try to stay as positive as we can be for Tripp and to keep ourselves sane. It had been a long long 4 months of ups and downs. We came in Oct and now it is almost March. We missed a whole season. Tripp came in wearing 2t and now (when he does wear clothes) he wears a 4t. Missed a whole size. I could name over a million things Tripp and our whole family has missed being here but the fact that we still have Tripp with us makes it all ok. I will spend forever in this hospital as long as I am with him. Thank you for your prayers today and everyday. Love you all."

After the surgery, she just simply said, "Surgery went good. He is resting now. Thank you for the prayers." She also posted a new photo of Tripp sleeping.

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