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Federal cuts could force furloughs at Hartsfield-Jackson

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If automatic federal spending cuts kick in Friday, traveling in and out of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport airport will be a real nightmare.

The cuts would force air traffic controllers to take rolling furlough days.

Frequent flyer H.P. Mays is upset that the president and Congress have placed the flying public on the verge of airport chaos.

"All you see is each side every night on the news, once again stating and restating their inflexible positions; to what end?" Mays said.

Victor Santore, vice president the National Air Traffic Controllers Association, agreed with Mays.

Santore told CBS Atlanta News on Wednesday the cuts will inconvenience every traveler.

"Sequestration is going to stop overtime, and it's going to create rolling furlough of one or two per pay period for each air traffic controller," Santore said.

Atlanta could close one runway, reducing the number of arrivals during clear weather from 126 to 96, according to the report released Wednesday by the air traffic controllers union.

"Arrival delays turn into departure delays, it's all intertwined," Santore said. "Air traffic control runs like a like clock. If you take a gear out of that clock, the clock is going to run slower and everyone is going to be waiting around."

Mays want the nation's leaders to do their jobs.

"Brinkmanship politics is just the absolute wrong way to do this. They've had plenty of time to discuss all these things," Mays said.

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