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NHP releases video of Las Vegas constable’s DUI arrest

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Video captured by several Nevada Highway Patrol on-board cameras shows why a trooper suspected Las Vegas Constable John Bonaventura of drunken driving.

In the video, the trooper is heard telling Bonaventura:

"I smell alcohol in the car, and call me crazy, I don't know what's going on. Is there anyone that can verify with that you just left the office?"

Originally the trooper stopped Bonaventura in his marked county vehicle Feb. 12 after reports it was speeding and driving erratically.

In the video, the trooper is heard telling Bonaventura:

"I'm asking you to be completely honest with me. Have you had any alcohol tonight?"

Bonaventura replies, "No."

But later Bonaventura told FOX5 he did in fact have two beers about four hours earlier that same afternoon.

According to attorney Warren Geller, Bonaventura could face consequences for lying to an officer.

"You can be charged with a misdemeanor offense of obstruction of a law enforcement officer. It does carry up to six months in jail and up to a $1,000 fine," Geller, whose firm is Cofer & Geller, told FOX5.

But Geller said it's doubtful those charges will be filed against Bonaventura.

The video's release comes just days after the DUI and speeding charges were dropped against Bonaventura.

Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson released a statement Friday, which states while Bonaventura did fail a preliminary breath test, a second one given an hour and a half later showed he was below the legal limit.

Still, in the video, Bonaventura can't follow the trooper's directions.

While another trooper is searching Bonaventura, the first trooper can be overheard talking to a possible superior expressing fear over Bonaventura's behavior.

In the video, the trooper is heard saying:

"We're doing fields right here and he reaches at me at my belt to grab his ID, and I'm like, And then he wouldn't stand still a couple of times. Like I pull out my taser over there because he was walking around the car."

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