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Georgia Senate approves bill to loosen gun restrictions

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The Georgia Senate passed a bill on Monday that would loosen restrictions gun ownership.

SB 101 allows 18-year-old Georgians with basic military training to apply for a license to carry.

Alice Johnson is with Georgians for Guns Safety. The organization opposes the bill.

"There's a question about the language. It doesn't say served and completed your service.It just says went through basic training. Then the question would be, why didn't they stay?" said Johnson.

It also allows people with gun licenses from other states to carry in Georgia and allows people who live in public housing to own guns.

"For too long public housing has been a hot bed of crime and violence. This is going exactly the wrong direction in terms of redeveloping and maintaining our public housing," said Sen. Vincent Fort, D-Atlanta. He voted against the bill.

Jerry Henry, executive director of, said law-abiding citizens who live in public housing should have a right to protect their homes.

"You can't keep the guns out of there now, that's where the crime is coming from. If you gave somebody a chance to defend themselves, you might cut down on the crime rate," said Henry.

Another gun bill designed to loosen restrictions on guns was debated on Monday in the House's Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee.

HB 512 would allow licensed gun owners to carry guns in churches, bars, government buildings without security guards and on college campuses.

"The majority of the public believes guns in bars where people serve alcohol is a bad idea. College campus and other kinds of locations, separately they are bad, when you put them together like this, they are insane," said Fort.

"Why shouldn't they (college students) have the right to protect themselves? If you look at the crime rate around Georgia Tech and Georgia State, they are very, very high," said Henry. "We're not asking the church to be forced to allow you to come in the church. We are asking that it should be treated like all private property."

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