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Lawmakers eye bill to strengthen protections for domestic abuse victims

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Angeletha Mintah spent years in fear of her husband.

"I was afraid I could be killed," Mintah said.

Mintah's then husband abused her and their children physically and emotionally.

"The rage and the look are just as intimidating as a physical hand being put on you," Mintah said. "I didn't know when it was going to come or how it was going to come, but I didn't want to wait to find out."

After years of psychological and physical terror, Mintah grabbed her kids, left her husband and took out an order of protection.

Then, Mintah said, he tricked her.

"I allowed him back in the home."

Even though she let him in he was breaking the law, then he became menacing.

"He goes 'you let me in. You can't call the police,'" Mintah said.

Mintah is gratified that Georgia House lawmakers are looking at a bill that could turn the table back in favor of the victim.

Senate Bill 86 would let police skip getting a special warrant and allow them to arrest someone who is suspected of violating a protection order based on probable cause alone.

Holly Comer Tuchman, CEO and Executive Director of YWCA in Marietta, and an advocate for abuse victims said the bill, if passed, could make abusers think twice.

"Statistics show most abuses take that protective order very seriously," Comer Tuchman said.

Mintah, who now runs the anti-abuse advocacy Group Close to Home, said the bill could spare police having to take precious time to secure a warrant time.

That time spared could save a victim's life.

"Split seconds, it can be a death, just that fast," Mintah said.

The House could vote on the bill any day.

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