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Auburn Glenn Apartment residents complain about mold, water damage

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Residents living at the Auburn Glenn Apartments in southeast Atlanta said when it rains outside, it pours inside the building.

"I don't have anywhere else to go," resident Theresa Crawford said.

Crawford depends on government funding to live at the complex, and she said if she could afford to move she would because every time it rains, her apartment leaks.

"Now that time has gone on and it's been like this, we are getting more sick," Crawford said.

Crawford said she's noticed mold growing near her doors and windows. When she complained, a contractor came out and stuffed newspaper in between the crevasses, and she has the home video to prove it.

"People's health are at risk and their safety as well," certified building inspector Stan Garnet said.

Garnet found some serious issues at the complex. 

"They've neglected to put in the right type of flashing, the right type of weather wrap to protect against water intrusion," Garnet said. 

Water even seeped into Vanessa Campbell's apartment, causing her ceiling to cave in, and now she's moving out. 

"Always when it rains we have leakage coming in through the ceiling, through the windows and it's really like we're living outside and it's like we're living in a cardboard box," Campbell said. 

So CBS Atlanta News went to the leasing office with our certified inspector to find out if they're addressing the problem. Management referred us to the owners of the property, who insist they are aware of the issue and they're working to solve the problem. 

"The doctor told me that I needed to move out and this is all I've been getting, 'You need to move out, you need to move out,' and I'm like, 'Well, it takes money to move out. I'm a single mom and I have nowhere to go,'" Crawford said. 

A representative for the owners of the property told CBS Atlanta News that there is a problem with the flashing around the doors and windows and they are working to correct it.

They also said that they will gladly relocate any tenants impacted to other units where they are not having issues.

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