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Sandy Hook search warrants to be unsealed Thursday

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Five search warrants connected to the Sandy Hook school shooting investigation are expected to be released Thursday.

However, the Danbury State's attorney wants to keep certain information private, at least for now.

It's been almost four months since  Adam Lanza, 20, shot and killed his mother while she slept in her bed before going to Sandy Hook Elementary School, where he killed 20 children and six adults. He then killed himself as police entered the school.

And there are still many unanswered questions.

Investigators have agreed to release some information even though the full investigation will not be complete for a few more months.

The search warrants are for Lanza's home, his car and Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The biggest leak came earlier this month when a state police colonel told a group of police chiefs at a conference that a 4-by-7-foot spreadsheet with detailed information on mass murders was found in Lanza's home.

But the Danbury State's attorney, who is in charge of the investigation, has now filed a motion to redact certain information, which means to keep it sealed, including information on witnesses.

The lead investigator wants to keep it sealed for 90 days.

Lawmakers will be voting on proposed bills that could bring changes to gun control, mental health and school security next week.

"Any time you are making such a huge decision, you want as much information as possible," said state Rep. Jason Perillo, R-Shelton. "We don't know how important it is because we don't know what it says. But that's the problem we need to know."

Lawmakers told Eyewitness News that they would like to know more about what exactly happened so they can pass laws that can hopefully make a difference and perhaps prevent another tragedy.

The Hubbard's 6-year-old daughter, Catherine, was killed in her classroom at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Since that tragic day, they and other families have been trying to cope and are building close relationships with state troopers in the process.

Since the shooting, a trooper has been assigned to support every family.

"I need you to take care of these families," state Trooper Eddie Vayan told CBS News. "You need to do whatever they need and don't say no, if it's within reason."

Vayan's boss told him it would be the most difficult and most honorable assignment he'd ever have with state police. 

"I'm here for whatever you need," he said. "I'm not gonna leave your side."

This relationship has meant a great deal to them and Catherine's brother, Freddy.

"So now, when Freddy draws pictures of the fire house when he was at the fire house, he shows himself and he shows me," said mother Jenny Hubbard. "This is when you were telling me Catherine was in heaven and he always puts in it. And he says, 'Eddie was there. Eddie protected me.'" 

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