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154 shots in 5 minutes: Sandy Hook warrants released

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Numerous weapons, including guns, several swords, a bayonet and a gun safe were found inside the home of Sandy Hook Elementary School killer Adam Lanza, according to search warrants released Thursday in regards to the shooting investigation.

Stephen J. Sedensky III, the state's attorney for the Judicial District of Danbury, said before heading to the school, Lanza shot his mother in the forehead with a .22 caliber rifle while she slept, and there was no indication of a struggle.

He then took her car to Sandy Hook Elementary School, where he shot his way into the building and opened fire, killing the 20 children and six adults with a Bushmaster .223 caliber model XM15 rifle.

The bushmaster, Sedensky said, was loaded with a 30-round capacity magazine. Fourteen rounds were in the magazine when the weapon was recovered by officers and there was one round still in the chamber.

Sedensky said Lanza took his own life with a single shot from a Glock 10mm handgun and was also in possession of a loaded 9mm Sig Sauer P226 handgun. Lanza also had more ammunition for the weapons he had on his person as well as three 30-round magazines for the Bushmaster, each of them containing 30 rounds.

In the area of the shootings were six additional 30-round magazines and contained 0, 0, 0, 10, 11 and 13 live rounds, respectively.

In total, 154 spent .223 casings were recovered from the scene, and investigators believe that the shooting only lasted five minutes.

After the mass shooting had ended and officials began to investigate what happened, they searched the vehicle Lanza parked outside of the school and inside they said they found a loaded 12-guage shotgun in the passenger compartment. The weapon was then moved to the trunk and locked up by officials for safekeeping.

Sedensky said the all of the weapons used in the massacre were all purchased by Nancy Lanza, Adam Lanza's mother, and said there is currently no indication that Adam Lanza tried to buy the weapons himself but was denied.

The gun locker at Adam Lanza's home was open when officers arrived.

It had been unlocked, officials said, and there was no indication it had been broken into.

In a gun safe inside the Lanza home, police found more than 600 rounds for a .22 caliber rifle, numerous rounds for a .45 caliber and more than 100 bullets for a semi-automatic.

When he left his house on Dec. 14, he left behind 1,600 rounds of ammunition.

Other weapons found in the home included wooden handled knives, a BB gun, samurai swords and a bayonet for a rifle.

Inside the home, numerous items were seized as evidence including a book called Train Your Brain To Get Happy, with pages tabbed off.

Several books on Aspergers syndrome and autism, including Born on a Blue Day: A Memoir of the Extraordinary Mind of an Autistic Savant, were also found in Adam Lanza's room.

Also, a holiday card containing a check was made out to Adam Lanza by his mother for the purchase of a C183 gun.

Investigators seized a smashed computer hard drive that sat atop a desk in what was believed to be Adam Lanza's bedroom. A witness said he was an avid gamer and liked to play Call of Duty.

Investigators also seized various school paperwork, including a report card from Sandy Hook Elementary School as well as paperwork from college.

Other paperwork seized included a receipt for Timstar Shooting Range in Weatherford, OK, and a certificate from the National Rifle Association for Nancy Lanza.

However, according to a statement from the NRA, "There is no record of a member relationship between Newtown killer Adam Lanza, nor between Nancy Lanza, A. Lanza or N. Lanza with the National Rifle Association. Reporting to the contrary is reckless, false and defamatory."

All of the warrants were released with the redactions requested by Sedensky because it's still an ongoing investigation. Sedensky said Connecticut State Police, the Newtown Police Department and other state and federal law enforcement officials are "not only continuing to investigate, but are still in the process of compiling reports, statements from witnesses and documenting evidence."

The Sandy Hook Promise was created in the wake of the mass shooting, and after learning of the release of the warrants, co-founder Tim Makris released a statement that said:

"The information revealed today underscores the need to turn this tragedy into transformation.

"Nothing that is discovered or discussed about the shooter will bring back the children or educators our community lost on Dec. 14. Public attention should focus not on the shooter but on ensuring the safety of our children and preventing future tragedy.

"While legislation is not the only answer, it's time for Congress to pass sensible measures supported by the vast majority of Americans to reduce gun violence. It's time for our legislature to move forward with the strongest measures possible. The country is united that something must be done; our representatives should act without delay."

Some information in the warrants will still be kept private for another 90 days.

Since the Newtown school shooting, Gov. Dannel Malloy has pushed for expanding the assault weapons ban and limiting how many bullets can be fired without reloading.

On Thursday, he released a statement following the release of the Sandy Hook search warrants by the Office of the Chief State's Attorney.

"I want to thank the Office of the Chief State's Attorney for providing this information today. In some cases, the facts really do speak for themselves, and in this case they only add starker detail to what we already knew.

"We knew that a disturbed individual entered a school and fired 154 rounds in less than five minutes, killing 20 innocent children and six dedicated educators. We knew that he had ready access to weapons that he should not have had access to. We knew that these weapons were legally purchased under our current laws. We knew he used 30-round magazines to do it, and that they allowed him to do maximum damage in a very short period of time. And we now know that he left the lower-capacity magazines at home.

"This is exactly why we need to ban high-capacity magazines and why we need to tighten our assault weapons ban. I don't know what more we can need to know before we take decisive action to prevent gun violence. The time to act is now."

Lawmakers have held numerous hearings since Sandy Hook and are now trying to hammer out an agreement on gun control.

"We are still working on all the details of the bill but certainly that's a chilling fact to know and to comprehend that Adam Lanza walked into the elementary school with nine high-capacity magazines," said state Sen. Donald Williams.

Leadership from both parties met again Thursday, which was one of many meetings. They expect to have something to put forth on Monday and take a vote Wednesday.

"There is going to be more that we are going to have to do," said state Sen. John McKinney. "Yeah, I think people are focused on the one issue. And people have asked we have spent significant time in that room on mental health."

On Thursday, President Barack Obama, who visited Newtown to meet with the families and gave a speech at the interfaith vigil, released a statement.

"The entire community pledged we would do something about it and that this time would be different," he said in the statement. "Shame on us if we've forgotten. I haven't forgotten those kids."

Obama has formed a task force, which was headed by Vice President Joe Biden, to look into gun control and has advocated for background checks for all gun sales.

United States Sen. Richard Blumenthal also weighed in on the release of the warrants:

"The sheer volume of ammunition, guns and weapons revealed and retrieved in these searches is absolutely staggering and should provide strong evidence for the urgency and importance of common sense gun safety measures. The apparent easy access to this huge trove of arms and ammunition by a clearly disturbed and deranged individual shows the need for a comprehensive strategy to stop gun violence.

"This means background checks for both gun and ammunition purchases, as well as a ban on high-capacity magazines containing more than 10 rounds of ammunition - sensible measures most Americans support. I will use this evidence to help drive the national discussion and the Senate debate for passage of legislation in April. My hope is that it will also help lead to action in our state Legislature so that Connecticut can be a model for the nation."

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