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Atlanta area woman demands better conditions at VA hospital

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An Atlanta area woman plans to march to the White House to demand better conditions at veterans hospitals across the country.

Natalie Carnegie of McDonough started her movement after her 80-year-old father Joseph suffered a brain injury at James A. Haley Medical Center in Tampa, Florida last year. He remains in a coma-like state and needs round-the-clock care.

Carnegie openly complained about the overworked staff and conditions at the hospital. After filing her complaints, she said the hospital installed a hidden camera disguised as a smoke detector in her father's room.

"They were absolutely spying," Carnegie told CBS Atlanta News. "There is no other way to slice that pie. They were spying on us."

Carnegie said the hospital first denied the smoke detector was a camera but later told her it was installed to monitor her father's health.

After mounds of red tape, Carnegie said she finally got her father moved to her home in McDonough. He is now receiving periodic treatment at the veterans hospital in DeKalb County.

"He did not deserve this," Carnegie said. "Not at all. No one deserves it, but especially not my father."

Carnegie has been in touch with several Congressmen who are investigating what happened. However, she is now mobilizing a group to go directly to the White House to demand action from President Obama.

"We're not going to shut up," said Carnegie. "We're going to continue."

Her husband agreed.

"President Obama, we want justice for our father," said Michael Coleman, Joseph Carnegie's son-in-law. "We want justice."

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