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College students protest for guns on campus

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As family members of the victims in the Connecticut massacre urged lawmakers in the nation's capitol to pass tougher guns laws, some students in Georgia are fighting to expand gun owners' rights.

They are pressing state lawmakers to let college students carry firearms.

Luke Crawford, a freshman at Kennesaw State University and an advocate for gun-owners' rights, said police cannot be everywhere. Sometimes students must be allowed to take their own safety into their own hands when danger strikes.

"We have the right to defend ourselves," Crawford said. "Campuses and churches are huge targets for mass murderers and these crazy people."

Crawford, an organizer with Kennesaw State Students for Concealed Carry, along with hundreds of other students are walking around Kennesaw State, Georgia Tech and campuses all over metro Atlanta with empty gun holsters, urging lawmakers here to let students carry firearms on college campuses.

Crawford said armed students could protect themselves and others against mass shooters.

"They see a college campus as a place where they can hurt a lot of people, but they're not going to face much opposition," Crawford said.

Austin Isop, with the Georgia Tech chapter of Concealed Carry, has heard too many stories of students getting robbed at gunpoint around Georgia Tech.

Isop said it is time students old enough to legally carry a weapon get the same Second Amendment rights as any other Georgian.

"Really it's a matter of self-defense. People who can carry off campus legally with a weapons license should be able to do so on campus," Isop said.

The idea of allowing guns onto college campuses troubled other a number of other students.

Annie Power, a senior here at Kennesaw, said students have no business carrying guns. She worried too much could go wrong.

"I don't think everyone needs to have access to a gun, especially on campus. Someone with the purist intentions of self-defense may not be trained to use that gun and that could cause casualties, that could cause the loss of life," Power said.

Taylor-Marie Morgan, a senior at Tech, said allowing students to carry guns for self-defense seems like a good idea, but even if they have good intentions they can make terrible mistakes.

"I don't think students can handle the pressure of carrying a gun," Morgan said. "If they're not trained enough, you can injure someone who is not involved."

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