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Two Atlanta police cruisers hit by bricks, rocks

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In response to a Monday night arrest that involved Atlanta police officers using batons to subdue a suspect, a community in turn responded with violence on Tuesday night.

At the Edgewood Courts Apartments at 1572 Hardee St. on Monday, police said a man became aggressive toward police when they arrested his brother during a domestic violence call.

According to Anthony Jenkins, his stepson was viciously beaten by police for asking why his brother was being arrested.

"They beat him, beat him in the head with batons, he's got a blood clot in his eye and I don't know if he has gotten treatment since they locked him up," Jenkins said.

The video shows a man on the ground while Atlanta police hit him with batons. The video also shows police giving verbal commands for the man to stop resisting arrest, but he continues to fight back.

Bystanders took cell phone video of the incident which shows dozens of people yelling at police and surrounding their cars. On multiple occasions police have to use their batons to coax the crowd of people to stay back.

"Right now, there is a lot of tension. Folks uneasy about what's going on," Jenkins said. "I want justice, I have seen injustice too many times. Police getting away with stuff and letting other things go."

On Tuesday, the neighborhood formed a march in response to the alleged police brutality. During the march, two officers responded to the area and were ambushed by multiple people throwing bricks, rocks, and hitting the cruisers, according to Sgt. Greg Lyon.

"When a brick hits your car it almost sounds like a gunshot, it's scary," Lyon said. "The officers riding through had nothing to do with that arrest and were simply going to check out what was going on and were subsequently attacked by these brick-wielding individuals."

One of the men arrested is part of the group called Cop Watch. According to members, they monitor police and follow them while they are on patrol to make sure they are not using excessive force or violence.

Lyon said one of their members was arrested on Tuesday during the riot.

"The person arrested actually punched the window next to one of the officers of the vehicle. In this case he wasn't a brick thrower, he used his hands," Lyon said.

Adele Maclean with Cop Watch talked to CBS Atlanta News' Mike Paluska. Maclean said she did not witness police beating the man on the ground with batons but felt they were too violent.

Paluska asked Maclean if she condoned one of her members getting arrested for participating in the type of violent behavior they try to fight, when it comes to police. Maclean said she felt that the question was hostile and that she did not want to comment on what happened to one of her members and walked away.

Police said more arrests will be made on the individuals who attacked the officers.

A formal investigation has been launched into whether or not the officers seen on the cell phone video used excessive force.

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