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Gwinnett County officer shoots, kills robbery suspect

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A man in Gwinnett County is dead after breaking into an apartment with two young children inside.

It happened at the Woodland Ridge Apartment complex in Norcross.

Police said Eric Andrews from Atlanta threatened police with a tire iron when they arrived so they shot him. He later died at the hospital.

Andrews originally knocked on the front door, but police said the kids didn't answer because they were home alone. The suspect then walked around the apartment and started to break in through a window.

Police said while the suspect was breaking in the kids ran out the front door to a neighbor's place, who called police.

Badia Tyler lives upstairs from the victims.

"The fact that they thought to get out safely without the person seeing them and get to safety was great. They're smart little kids," said Tyler.

Smart little kids that were not only able to help themselves, but help police get there in time to confront the suspect.

Police said Andrews ignored orders to drop his weapon and lunged at the officer so the officer was forced to shoot.

"A little uncomfortable considering the fact it was right under my nose and I didn't hear anything," said Tyler.

Benjamin Carrington Jr. showed up at the complex to check on his parents who live in the complex.

"That's a bit too close to home for me," said Carrington.

Police collected evidence at the scene and interviewed a number of witnesses, but don't have a real motive yet.

Residents said even if there was one, it still wouldn't make sense.

"You've got two innocent kids in there. Why would you break into a house anywhere whether kids were in it or not," said Carrington.

Neighbors said he got what he deserved.

"He laid his own destiny," said Carrington.

Police said the shooting is still under investigation.

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