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Woman, 81, terrorized by bear in Dawsonville

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An 81-year-old woman being terrorized by a bear might sleep a little easier now. 

Dawsonville native Stella Millsapps said she's been terrified of a bear after seeing it more than four times in the past month. She said in the most recent cases, it's come all the way up to her porch.

"I can't even get out at night. I'm afraid to. I'm afraid to even open the doors," said Stella Millsapps.

Millsapps' daughter-in-law, Melissa Millsapps, said it's with good reason because at times the door was the only thing separating her from the bear.

"We're scared that if it's brave enough to come up that close to the house then it's going to do something more," said Melissa Millsapps.

Stella Millsapps contacted the Georgia Department of Natural Resources to have the bear removed, but they refused to help, saying she had bird seed everywhere and trash sitting out.

Millsapps said she cleaned up the trash the best she could and started bringing all the bird food inside every night, but the bear still stopped by.

So we got involved and called DNR ourselves, and that's when things changed.

"The called and said they've gotten so much publicity they're going to go ahead and do it.  They're going to try to catch it and get rid of it," said Stella Millsapps.

"If you hadn't called them and done what you done, none of this would have happened.  That shows what the news can do," said Stella Millsapps.

It came as a huge relief to a woman who just wants to get her life back to normal.

"I feel like dancing. That's what I feel like. A burden is lifted off my shoulders. I don't have to be afraid," said Stella Millsapps.

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